Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girl In the Moon

That's the name of the piece I just finished, "Girl in the Moon."

It's also a fitting title for this post, because I really aimed high when I set out to make this cuff.  It's a style (assemblage) with which I'm not that familiar, and I used materials and techniques (mosaic and making the cabochons, mostly) that I don't often use.  It took bloody long to make, too... in the time that it took to make it, I also knocked out three or four metal collage necklaces, not to mention most of that Santana scarf (if you haven't yet looked at the previous post, please read it for further information on that totally awesome project.)

I put the cuff up for sale in my shop, and now I feel... I don't know what.  At first, it was a bit of a rush, but now I mostly feel exposed.  Which is crazy, considering I've been making and wearing things for most of my life, selling on Etsy for a few months, and now am going against every fiber of my being and also blogging about it.  Still, putting this piece up was like starting over, and I don't know why.  Can anyone tell me?  Anyone?

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