Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You've Been Treasured

Sometimes I just like to put the crafting aside and put on my curator hat instead.  Creating Etsy treasuries is fun... I love looking through other people's listings and arranging them together in my own little collections.

Here are a couple of my recent treasuries... please check them out and give them some love!

First is my weekly STATTEAM treasury.  This week, I went with a back to school theme, and called my treasury "Book Learnin'."  Between finishing my library degree and knowing that school is starting for everyone else, I definitely have books on the brain...

Second is a treasury I did for no other reason than that I am LOVING the new Chanel Le Vernis fall nail color, "Peridot."  It's a beautiful, rich gold-green, and I am all about this color for the fall season...

And finally, here is my favorite.  This is my entry into the Time Travelers Team Halloween treasury contest, and it's entitled, "A Dark Night of the Soul."  We have a lot of wonderful artists on the team who happen to have something of a dark aesthetic (to say the least), so I decided to put my own love of surrealism to the test and come up with the most terrifyingly surreal treasury I could create using entirely items made by TTT members.  This is it...

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy!  Be back next time with something more substantive to say!

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